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December 15 we want to zoom in on accessibility opportunities in (web) tech.

Disability should never hold anyone back. Disability is not something that people need to overcome. The barriers that exist are created by society and it's up to every single one of us to work together to remove those barriers.

During the event interpretation into International Sign will be provided.

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Inclusive Design, more than you hear

Inclusive Design, more than you hear

Websites are a very visual medium. You therefore might think that they will...

Marie Van Driessche Marie Van Driessche
The scary truth about labels

The scary truth about labels

Meet Jenn Scott, she’s 30yo and graduated with an A+ degree for Computer E...

Dennie Declercq | He/Him Dennie Declercq | He/Him
Now What?

Now What?

Now that you have learned a lot about Accessibility--what do you DO with i...

Dona Sarkar Dona Sarkar

Meet the 2021 speakers

Adrián Bolonio

Accessibility Software Engineer at GitHub

Anna Korinna Németh-Szabó

One Who Docs (Technical Writer Advisor at Quest Software - One Identity)

Dennie Declercq | He/Him

Microsoft MVP || Developer & President DDSoft

Hidde de Vries

Freelance front-end developer / accessibility specialist

Jacqueline Gibson

Software engineer focusing on accessibility at Microsoft

Joe Glombek

Senior .NET developer and lover of adventure

John Wade

Program Manager focusing on accessibility and privacy at Microsoft

Kilian Valkhof

Founder at Polypane browser for developers

Linda Ikechukwu

Frontend Developer

Megan Strant

Organisational Change Consultant and MVP

Henk Boelman

Senior Cloud Advocate at Microsoft

Martine Dowden

UX/UI Designer & Developer, GDE, MVP

Dona Sarkar

CTO of Microsoft Accessibility

Marie Van Driessche

Interaction designer - Accessibility consultant

Mike Masey

Senior Developer at Yoyo