Mike Masey

Mike Masey

Senior Developer at Yoyo

Mike is an enthusiastic, smiley senior developer at Yoyo and has worked on award winning websites for 10 years. His contributions to the Umbraco community and codebase such as organising a variety of in person and virtual meetups, and founding the community led Umbraco Accessibility Team have also earned him an 3 Umbraco MVP awards.

Outside of the dev life he enjoys, among many things, snowboarding, D&D, VR and walking his fluffy husky.

Upcoming sessions:

How we enacted positive change for accessibly in our tech community.

Encouraging positive change around web accessibility within a tech community can be a challenge, but it was one that we decided to face head on back in 2019 within the Umbraco CMS community. In this session, Mike will go through the approaches that we took to help bring accessibility to the forefront of peoples minds, and how we have been able to drastically improve the accessibility of the CMS that prides itself in being friendly to all.

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