Jacqueline Gibson

Jacqueline Gibson

Software engineer focusing on accessibility at Microsoft

Jacqueline is a Digital Equity Advocate & Software Engineer building change from the code up. She's interested in leveraging technology for social good, particularly identifying ways in which current technology maintains social inequities and working to eliminate these biases. She strives to understand what is necessary to create systems that everyone, regardless of ability, can use with ease.

She graduated with dual degrees in Computer Science and African & African Diaspora Studies from the University of Texas at Austin. She's currently developing tools to create accessible applications for Android, Windows, and web as part of Microsoft's Accessibility Insights team.

Upcoming sessions:

Accessibility Insights: Catch accessibility bugs early and often

Accessibility Insights is a suite of free, open-source products that helps developers find and fix accessibility issues. We are passionate about helping teams detect these issues early in the development process, empowering them to create more accessible products for customers and save time in the process. We offer several options to help you develop accessibly, which feature both automated and manual testing experiences and are optimized to meet teams wherever they are in their accessibility learning journey. Additionally, we have the axe-pipelines-samples repo that demonstrates how to integrate automated accessibility checks into Azure pipelines in projects with UI automation tests. In this session, we will cover the various ways developers can leverage Accessibility Insights tools to create more accessible web experiences for users of all abilities.

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