Eva  Westerhoff

Eva Westerhoff

Consultant digital inclusion & accessibility | Disability Advocate

Eva Westerhoff is a disability inclusion and accessibility advocate specialized in technology who happens to be Deaf. She worked for various organizations from large corporates to government agencies. Through education at the Amsterdam School of Economics and a Bachelor degree at the Utrecht University of Applied Science her knowledge ranges from human rights and inclusive communication to technology.

She is Co-founder of the first MeetUp for Inclusive Design & Accessibility in the Netherlands and was one of the people who, after many years of intensive advocacy, successfully led the Netherlands to ratificate the United Nations Declaration for People with a Disability in 2016. In 2020, the legal recognition of Dutch Sign Language was added here.

Upcoming sessions:

How to win friends and influence people with accessibility

Working as an accessibility advocate can be difficult, frustrating and sometimes very lonely. In this talk I tell you how you can survive in an inaccessible world where it seems like everybody is against you and become best friends forever with your boss, co-worker and even with angry customers with a disability. So that accessibility becomes and remains fun (again).

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