Dennie Declercq

Dennie Declercq

Microsoft MVP || Developer & President DDSoft

Dennie is Microsoft MVP Developer Technologies and has experience in accessibility with Microsoft technologies. In daily life Dennie is president and developer at DDSoft, a nonprofit that connects IT to People who are less tech-savvy. Dennie invented technical solutions and systems to help people with disabilities to participate in their daily life. Thanks to his autism he's the right man at the right spot to contribute as a volunteer in function of people with disabilities.

Upcoming sessions:

The scary truth about labels

Meet Jenn Scott, she’s 30yo and graduated with an A+ degree for Computer Engineering. Meet David Brown, he’s 35yo he is autistic and has no paid job. Jenn works in operations, she uses Linux and writes Python, but David uses Windows and writes C# Frameworks. Let me ask you something. If you read those 3 sentences above: do you feel comfortable? Can we assume that Jenn writes better code than David? Or vice-versa? Does Jenn feels comfortable if she needs to help David in a specific situation? If the need to collaborate for a project is there? Or even worse: do developers with a paid job even need to collaborate on projects with developers without a paid job? Honestly, for me this doesn’t feels comfortable anymore. This is scary legacy from the past. In this talk I am going to tell you the scary truth about labels and inspire you with inclusive and other modern insights and approaches do break down the walls between labels. Of course I am also going to explain where you still need (temporally) labels. We are going to discuss labels for people, abilities and software patterns/languages.

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